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Leadership Coaching for Female & Emerging Leaders

Career Coaching for Emerging Talent

Executive Business Coaching

Build your Confidence

Confidence is critical! I work with my clients to overcome their limiting beliefs and self-doubt in order to achieve success, and advance their careers. Together, we build your confidence and optimize your strengths.

Strengthen your Communication & Presence

Strengthening your communication skills and having executive presence is critical in having a voice which is heard and a presence that is respected.

Identify your Leadership Strengths & Gaps

It is critical to know what your leadership strengths are and to leverage your weaknesses in order to perform at your highest capability. I work with my clients to achieve both business results and personal transformation in order to drive future success.

Advance your Career

Whether you want to advance your career at the professional or executive level , I provide my clients with the tools and resources required to achieve their highest potential.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a leader and a coach, focused on enhancing performance for leaders at all levels – executive, manager, supervisor, team leader, high potential/emerging leader, or business owner.  It is also a partnership — one in which both sides work to reach an agreed-upon destination and/or goal, to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life. 

Leadership Coaching focuses on enhancing performance for leaders but first begins with helping my clients gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of “leading from within”.

A fundamental aspect of my Leadership Coaching practice is to help my clients do the “inner work” of leadership. This involves building a deeper understanding of themselves, the sources of their drive, and their unique strengths. It also includes identifying what may be getting in the way of them leading from a place of authenticity and purpose.

What is The Process Like?

1. Easy Starting

First, we start with a conversation.  Potential clients discuss where they are in their professional careers, the challenges they are experiencing and the rewards they would like to achieve.  I share my coaching expertise and methodology in creating the transformations my clients are seeking (personal or professional). If we have a mutual interest in working together, we agree on the terms of our engagement.

2. The Work

Leadership & Career Coaching is an individualized process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational and/or personal career goals. We begin in the present, not the past, and work forward creating a pathway to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Weekly, or bi-weekly, coaching sessions address your agenda and are building blocks that empower and move you into action to achieve your goals.

3. Goal Setting and Goal Achievement


About Me

Leadership Lisa Meadows - Leadership Coach

“Lisa is the absolute best! Her caring and soft but stern ways are a sure win for anyone trying to win in life. In the first hour I spent with her and she changed my whole perspective!”

“Working with Lisa was very inspirational. She helped stimulate my drive and ambition to expect and accept more for myself, as well as encourage others to do the same…”

“I wanted to share with you what a blessing your services have been not only for my career, but for me spiritually and mentally as well.  Not only did you help me to discover my why, you helped me to remember who I am and the power I possess within…”

With 25+ years of experience as a Talent Advisor to senior leaders across multiple industries, I know first-hand the obstacles, challenges, biases and rewards women and emerging leaders (men and women) face within their organizations to advance to higher levels of leadership.

My mission to to champion the empowerment of women to rise in both their careers and personal lives and to develop the careers of emerging leaders in order for them to achieve their highest potential as our future leaders.



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