Leadership Coaching For Women

Advancing as a Female Leader continues to be a challenge.

It is estimated that only 1 in 5 leaders is a woman.  Why?  It starts with the fact that women face a myriad of circumstances, challenges and obstacles in both their professional and personal lives that limit, even prohibit, their ability to live and lead their lives without limitations. 

Leadership Coaching for Women is designed to educate, empower, elevate and ensure that women are seen, heard, valued and have a seat at the table.  Key objectives for Female Leaders to advance into higher levels of leadership are:

Address self-limiting beliefs and career-limiting behaviors

Uncover your leadership strengths and gaps

Develop authentic strategies to become visible in order to be promoted and succeed

Identify career blind spots

Strengthen your leadership acumen and your leadership presence

Importance of networking and having a mentor or sponsor

Managing work/life integration and competing priorities

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish” 

— Michelle Obama


My Approach

Leadership Coaching for Women is a highly personalized process which enables women to achieve greater fulfillment in their career by overcoming workplace biases, establishing professional goals, developing a strategic career map to advance your career, and achieve the respect and recognition for your accomplishments.​

Having personally experienced the barriers, biases and challenges of being a woman in predominantly male-organizations at different points in my career, I understand all too well just how detrimental these are to we as women, to our confidence and our ability to rise to higer levels of leadership. I understand how best to navigate your career amidst the sea of competing talent so that you and your strengths/success/accomplishments are recognized and rewarded as you climb the corporate ladder of success.

I am committed to being your accountability partner as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that exist in your professional and personal  life.  I will clear a path for you to rise with confidence and grace, achieve the impact and influence you desire, and move you out of uncertainty, doubt and fear and into unshakable faith and confidence – in yourself!

What you will Gain from Leadership Coaching for Women

Gain self-confidence to advocate for yourself

Clarify your key strengths and talents and how they differentiate you from others.

Increase your Assertiveness

Find your voice in uncomfortable or intimidating work situations.

Master effective communication strategies to expand your influence

Own your achievements and stand in your greatness as a female leader

Position yourself for mentorship and sponsorship

Achieve the promotions you deserve, and position yourself to achieve key leadership positions

Recognize and overcome the implicit gender biases in your organization

Be respected and recognized as a female leader amongst a predominantly male-lead organization


Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session

We will discuss the challenges you are experiencing, the goals you want to achieve and how my career coaching expertise will enable you to solve the challenges facing you now, leverage your strengths and talents, advane your career and achieve your highest potential. Various coaching packages are available which include flexible payment plans.

Coaching Sessions

Whether you have a specific agenda/focus for the coaching session or not,  we will go through my Career Success Model which  will guide you with questions about what’s going well, what’s challenging you and where you believe is your greatest opportunity for growth.  Coaching will provide insight and awareness as to what your path forward is. I will explain any homework, assignments and recommendations.


Reach Your Goals

What once were your challenges now become your conquests. By completing Leadership Coaching for Women, you will be equipped with the tools to strategically navigate your career and achieve higher levels of leadership and success.



Comprehensive assessment
Actionable feedback
Clear outcomes
Tailored guidance
Long-term accountability


6-Session Program 

A career development program providing concrete, specific approaches and strategies to unlock your full potential, increase your self-confidence and position you to advance and achieve a rewarding career.


12-Session Program 

Leadership Coaching customized to position Women for more senior roles, or as more influential leaders, by providing insight and specific strategies and tools to overcome self-defeating habits, workplace biases and barriers to advancing.


24-Session Program 

Intensive coaching program focused on transformational growth in every aspect of your life (family, life, career). Program includes a VIP Day and other personalized offerings.



If you want to find out what is standing between you and your greatness as a Female Leader…

we should have a conversation.